Frequently Asked Questions About the Medicare Fairness Campaign

1. Q: Is this Medicare Fairness campaign the same as those being promoted by the two national chiropractic associations?

A:  No.  The www.medicarefairness.org petition drive has been built on an independent server and is completely independent from any national association  server.

2.  Q: Why should I participate in this campaign?

A:  The Medicare Fairness campaign, with a theme of “Cover My Care in Medicare” has been modeled after the IHPC “Cover My Care” campaign.  The drive to end discrimination in Medicare has been inspired by the passage of Section 2706 in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed by Congress in 2010.  Section 2706 is designed to end discrimination in the private health insurance market but it does not apply to Medicare part B.

3.  Q:  What is the purpose of the Medicare Fairness campaign?

A:  The objective is to support the efforts to develop a grassroots, patient driven demand for the elimination of discrimination against chiropractic patients in the Medicare system.

4.  Q:  Will the e-mail addresses collected be used for any other purpose other than just the petition?

A:  No.  The collection of names and e-mail addresses for the petition drive will not be used for any other purpose.

5.  Q:  How is this Medicare Fairness campaign different from other petition drives supporting the end of discrimination in Medicare?

A:  The actual petition  housed here at www.medicarefairness.org has been established as an “independent” site to promote the elimination of discrimination in the Medicare system.  Provisions  have been made to allow any organization to conduct a self branded campaign in support of the goal without indirectly promoting membership in a competing organization.

6.  Q:  How can other organizations actively participate in the Medicare Fairness campaign?

A:  There are several ways:

  1. Any organization can create its own content on its website and create a “sign the petition” link and just connect to www.medicarefairness.org.
  2. Any organization can submit a request to participate with a dedicated landing page on the www.medicarefairness.org site.  Just send a digital copy of your organizations logo to medicarefairness@mindspring.com with a request to participate.  A dedicated landing page will be set up and the link provided back to that organization.

The system has been designed with sufficient flexibility to accommodate the needs of most organizations.  The most important point is to generate a groundswell of grassroots support for ending discrimination in Medicare.  All organizations are encouraged to participate in any manner which is most suited to their own constituency.

7.  Q:  Will the www.medicarefairness.org platform be used to promote any individuals point of view with respect to specific legislative language?

A:  No.  www.medicarefairness.org will remain politically neutral and only be used to promote the end of discrimination in healthcare and to collect “electronic” signatures on behalf of participating organizations.

8.  Q:  How do I get additional information about how my organization can participate?

A:  Just direct your questions to medicarefairness@mindspring.com.  The website administrator will respond with answers to your questions.


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